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Papaya Salad

Here’s how you can make Papaya Salad at home!

Papaya Salad is made combining delicious, flavorful ingredients and toppings in a mortal and pestle with julienned Green Papaya. First, peel the green papaya with a vegetable peeler and julienne into thin strips (around 1/8″).

Next, pound garlic cloves and chilies in a mortar and pestle until a paste is formed. Then, add dried shrimp and and crush. Next, add palm sugar, lime juice, tamarind juice, and fish sauce, and combine until the sugar is dissolved and a wet paste is formed.

Cut the long beans into small pieces. Add to mortar with roasted peanuts and crush lightly until the beans are split and softened. Add tomato halves or wedges and lightly crush until the juice is expelled.

Finally, add the julienned green papaya. Use the pestle down the sides to lightly soften the green papaya while mixing into the paste. Take care not to over-crush to maintain the crisp texture of the papaya. Once the salad ingredients are well incorporated, serve immediately with additional roasted peanuts as topping if desired.